Thursday, August 12, 2010

Color Block Toho Beaded Cuff done with the Ndebele Stich


This is a Toho #11 beaded color block cuff done with a ndebele stitch. this link shows the original picture and pattern that captured my eye way back in 2007! Over the years when I would think that I'd like to tackle the bracelet, I'd look for one online source to get the beads the same as those used or very similar. That didn't happen until this past June.This link is to the online source I used and was very happy with: 
The clasp I found at:
I'm hooked, I can't wait to make another one in with different colors. I will be looking to do it in mother of pearl/pinks next.The instructions are not really detailed. I endured a lot of "do-overs" to get it to look like the photo. Email me if you need guidance.  Sue

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